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The video shows you step by step how to do it Do you have an Occhio* lamp with B15D or G9 halogen socket? Make it LED-capable and enjoy your design classic for many more years! With the CLIPLED module this is done in no time at all - the installation is explained step by step in the video. There are many good tips on top...

The CLIPLED Video: Your Occhio lamp is LED capable in three steps
The CLIPLED module is easily installed by hand without tools. The module can be inserted into your existing Occhio lamp in just a few minutes. Inserts and glasses are integrated at will - just as you are used to. CLIPLED for a sustainable and energy-saving future for your Occhio lamps - as simple as it is ingenious.

Installation of CLIPLED in Sento - watch the video

Installation of CLIPLED in Piú spot - watch the video

Installation of CLIPLED in Puro - watch the video

You want to remove glasses, lenses and diffusers to install our CLIPLED modules? See here in the video how the expansion works easily.

prepare the Sento head: remove the inserts

Installation of CLIPLED in Sento D - lense-lense

prepare the Piú spot: how to remove the head:

**** NEW: ****
prepare the OCULAR by Licht im Raum: how to fix the CLIPLED modul.

You can also download the installation instructions as a pdf file..
Do you still have questions about the installation of CLIPLED LED modules in your classic Occhio or Licht im Raum lamp with B15D or G9 halogen socket? Write to us:
*Ocular is a productname of the company Licht im Raum Dinnebier GmbH
*Occhio, Sento, Piú and Puro are protected names of the company OCCHIO GmbH in Munich.