Model overview CLIPLED - LED instead of Halogen

Find the right module for your classic Occhio* luminaire with halogen socket. Whether the model series Sento, Puro or Piú - we have the perfect LED replacement for halogen bulbs for every type and every lighting effect. 

The model series for Occhio Puro lamps: We have the right LED module for every Puro model: Whether 7W COB for the Sento C and B model with lens and cover, or 14W double-sided for the Puro A, D or E model with 2 lenses. All this in best light quality with DOB and SMD LEDs from Edison with a light colour of 2750K extrawarm to feel good and a colour rendering CRI>90 (typ.94) - of course dimmable with 80% of all conventional halogen dimmers, phase or cut. 

The installation of our LED modules for the Puro series should be carried out by a specialist. You loosen the head of the lamp as before to change the bulb and take it to the nearest specialist dealer.


He loosens the half shells of the luminaire head with the screws and inserts the CLIPLED module for Puro - finished. This works in 5-6 minutes, you can wait for it. You can simply plug our adapter from B15d halogen socket to CLIPLED onto your halogen luminaire and attach the luminaire head - that's it. On our assembly videos we show all steps of the installation.


Please order the appropriate modules beforehand, so that it goes fast - ask your specialist dealer.

Why LED instead of halogen?

The technology of a halogen bulb was originally based on the Edison incandescent lamp method: An electric current flows through a metal filament, which heats up due to its resistance to such an extent that the filament begins to glow. This technique, which is over 100 years old, has reached its limits: The efficiency is extremely poor (more than 95% of the power is lost in heat) and the service life is very limited (2,000h).

We from CLIPLED offer a perfect update for the classic luminaires from Occhio with halogen lamps: High performance LED in best light quality with a highly developed SECS cooling system. The efficiency of our LED is at least 5 times higher than the halogen lamp and the service life increases by more than 15 times. 

The features speak for themselves: LED modules for Occhio halogen luminaires reduce power consumption - and thus energy costs and CO2 consumption - by more than 80% and the replacement intervals increase enormously with the long service life. So your Occhio luminaires will last for many years to come. Upgrade instead of disposal.

The use of our LED modules pays for itself in private living areas after 4-5 years and in commercial use (office/shop) after 1-2 years. Do you want to know exactly how long your amortization period will be and when the cost savings will begin? Write us your data (model type, quantity, application, average operating time) and we will calculate when the use of CLIPLED will pay off.