Frequently asked questions about CLIPLED

Which dimmer fits CLIPLED?
The modules can be dimmed with over 80 % of all conventional dimmers for incandescent lamps. Please note the minimum load of your dimmer: If this is not reached due to the low power of the LED, flickering may occur, see also question: "Why does my dimmer flicker?
Simply try out your dimmer in combination with CLIPLED and your luminaire or ask your electrician.
Are you planning to use a new dimmer? Here you will find an overview of dimmers with which CLIPLED modules work:
-> Dimmer list
Questions about the dimmers for the TERRA free-standing luminaire or the TAVOLO table luminaire can be found here:
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How can I change the light source in my Occhio* Sento, Puro or Occhio Più?
With the enclosed mounting aid you can insert the CLIPLED module into your luminaire head - without any additional tools. 
See also our videos: >Video
Remaining light/glow in the LED despite switch off/dimming down?
This can have various reasons. LED modules and their electronics react very sensitively to small residual voltages. Read our guide to find out how you can remedy this: -> Tips LED Glow

A residual glow remains in the TERRA floor lamp although the dimmer is set to zero? Here you will find an overview of dimmers with which CLIPLED modules work:
-> Dimmer Tips TERRA
-> Dimmer Tips TAVOLO

The dimmer of the table lamp Tavolo flickers with LED?

By using a CLIPLED module, the dimmer flickers in a TAVOLO table lamp or a LETTURA ? See our guide ->Tip flicker

Do you have a Terra floor lamp and the dimmer flickers with LED modules? Read our guide TERRA

Do dimmers also fit in systems such as EIB bus or KNX?

Basically yes. BUS-capable dimmers function the same as wall or cord dimmers, they are only controlled via the BUS. Please note the minimum load of the dimmer. If in doubt, please ask your electrician.

Is CLIPLED also suitable for the cord dimmer of the Terra floor lamp?
Yes, the cord dimmer of the TERRA floor lamp works in 95% of all cases with our LED modules. If you should experience flickering in rare cases: --> read our guide
What if an LED module has failed due to surge voltage spikes??

Surge voltage peaks can occur in the in-house power supply and thus destroy LED modules. What can be done? Read our guide -> surge protection LED

Does Casambi or Occhio AIR also work with CLIPLED?
Basically yes. For example, you can have the Casambi module CBU TED Bluetooth phase segment dimmer installed in the base of your Occhio luminaire or in the switch box. CLIPLED can then be used with the Casambi App or the AIR App from Occhio, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices, as well as with traditional wall switches or on/off sensors. Please note: In the Casambi dimming use only the ranges 10-100%, below 10% a slight flickering can be visible. Please ask your dealer.
You are looking for a suitable wall dimmer for CLIPLED modules: Find a list of suitable models here: -> Dimmer list
How long is the service life of CLIPLED?
The average life of the LEDs is 25,000 hours. This means that after this operating time the luminous flux drops by 25 %. This does not necessarily mean a failure, the modules can have a much longer operating life. For comparison: halogen lamps have an average life of 1000-2000 hours.
With a double light "e.g. verticale doppio" there is only a residual light in one head?
Then turn our B15D adapter 180° in this head. -> Pull off the lamp head again, unscrew the adapter, turn it back in 180° offset, put on the lamp head - that's it. In the adapter phase and neutral conductor will be exchanged.
The LED module does not work even if the voltage is switched on. What to do?
Have you checked the socket size in the installation instructions? For older Occhio luminaire models or the Sistema Quattro a short lamp socket may be installed - then you need a long CLIPLED adapter from us. You will receive it free of charge. Service: 089-55063458 or by mail: Contact us
Do all glasses and inserts fit when I "upgrade" my Occhio lamp with CLIPLED?
Yes, you can use the same inserts that were used in your Occhio lamp until now: Lenses, matt glasses, metal covers, colour filters, also in 2-fold combination of e.g. frosted glass and colour filters on one side.
If you also use colour filters in the SENTO head, we recommend our model OSD.14.2. with reduced power for the SENTO D head with lens/lens.
Why does my dimmer flicker?
In this case, the minimum load of the dimmer will probably be undercut. If, for example, the dimmer of your Occhio luminaire is designed for a load of 60 to 400 W and you connect two 19 W CLIPLED modules, then the minimum load will be undercut (38 W ˂ 60 W). Replace the dimmer of your Occhio lamp with a new LED dimmer or ask your electrician. In some power grids a flicker may be visible for a few seconds at full evening hours (e.g. 9 p.m.). Then the network operator transmits so-called ripple control signals, which control electricity meters or solar systems. This has no effect on the function of the modules and disappears after 3-4 seconds.
Here you will find an overview of dimmers with which CLIPLED modules work without flicker:
-> Dimmer list
Questions about the dimmers for the TERRA free-standing luminaire or the TAVOLO table luminaire can be found here:
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-> Dimmer Tips TAVOLO
The lamp head of my Occhio lamp also gets warm with LED?
Yes, even if you replace halogen with LED, there is heat in the light source. Like all semiconductors (e.g. computer chips), LEDs generate waste heat during operation. Our patented SECS* cooling system dissipates this heat via the head to the air. The difference to halogen: 5 times less heat is generated - with the same light output. * Self Expanding Cooling System
*Occhio, Sento, Piú and Puro are registered names of OCCHIO GmbH in Munich.