• for all OCCHIO* Sento

  • for all OCCHIO* Puro

  • for OCCHIO* Più 12W & 14W 3000k

  • easy to install - without tools

  • 5 models Sento 9-20W dim

  • 2700k all dimmable

  • for OCULAR S67 dim

  • for OCULAR S100 dim

All modules are available from stock!

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LED modules for Occhio and Licht im Raum*

Upgrade Your Classics!

CLIPLED has the solution for all luminaires from Occhio and Licht im Raum with halogen lamps. Upgrade your halogen lights with B15D or G9 lampholder to LED. Our LED modules bring you up to date with the latest technology: all classics such as Ocular, Sento, Puro or Più now have an energy-saving and long-lasting future.

CLIPLED - as simple as it is ingenious!

Our LED replacement modules for halogen lamps are simply clipped into the existing luminaire head - uncomplicated and without tools.

CLIPLED modules contain LED chips of the latest generation - with all their advantages:

CLIPLED reduces your energy consumption by up to 80 %, and thus your electricity costs. With your halogen dimmer, the light can be dimmed as before. The lamp head remains rotatable as usual and is compatible with all inserts: lenses, glasses and colour filters. With CLIPLED, Occhio luminaires stay what they are: Timeless

CLIPLED has the right module for every luminaire from Occhio and Licht im Raum - with an optimally adapted lighting effect and minimum energy consumption. A 19 W LED module from CLIPLED, for example, replaces a conventional 100 W halogen lamp in the model for SentoE. Would you like to continue using your high-quality luminaires for many years to come? With the CLIPLED replacement module for halogen lamps, you can do this in no time at all. Our CLIPLED team will be happy to provide you with more information. You can find your nearest dealer here.

The use of LED instead of halogen pays off:

How do the higher acquisition costs of our LED modules pay off? In 3 typical applications** we show how quickly the conversion from halogen to LED pays for itself. You have a specific application and would like an exact amortization calculation? Write us an email with model/ application/ number of pcs. and we will send you an exact calculation.

CLIPLED - especially sustainable.

We deliberately focus on longevity. All components in our modules are individually exchangeable. Even our LED boards can be replaced, the mounting on the cooling system is not glued, but screwed with thermal pads. More than 20 individual components in one module - plugged in and screwed together. Sustainable technology - we say repair instead of throw away!

Use your luminaires for many more years - energy-saving and sustainable. Now choose the right modules for your classic - whether Sento, Ocular, Puro or Piú:

*Ocular is a product name of the company Licht im Raum Dinnebier GmbH
*Occhio, Sento, Piú and Puro are protected names of the companies OCCHIO GmbH 

** Defaults for the calculation: electricity prices: Living 29ct./kWh I Office 22ct./kWh I Shop-Retail 15ct./kWh I Average consumption in Central Europe, including weekends/holidays I for model OSE.19W in Sento E vs. 100W halogen
All data for own exchange (without consideration of wage costs for fitter)